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Business IT Support

Atlantic Tech Solutions is the Cape Cod based solution for businesses needing computer and network support. We specialize in analyzing business computing needs, providing consultation, installation, repair, service and support.

The majority of businesses here on Cape Cod are small enterprises. Few have have the resources for a full time computer department to analyze purchases, install software and implement upgrades. That’s where we help!

Unbiased Advice

Atlantic Tech Solutions can provide you with clear, unbiased computer advice without regard to vendor. We do not sell hardware or software, so we can offer you our honest opinion, along with outlining some of our client’s experiences with our recommendations.

Business Know How

Our services are based on a knowledge of business practices unusual for a technical service company. Let us reduce your anxieties about your needs with a clearly spelled out strategy to meet your current and future needs, including detailed budgets, year to year forecasts and easy to understand support contracts.

DTP and Pre-Press Support

One of our true specialties is the support of specialized applications for pre-press graphics and desktop publishing. We can assist service bureaus, printers and designers with issues like color management, operating systems, networks, Postscript printing. The best reference we can give you is to look over some of the documents we have written about DTP applications, linked by Adobe and other DTP websites. We are also platform agnostic, supporting PC, Mac and Linux equally – and together.

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